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Nowadays, the Art School of Granada has been awarded with the Erasmus University Card which provides this center with the opportunity of making (student and teacher) exchanges in the frame of the Erasmus Upper Education. The Erasmus program supports these actions:

Students mobility for studying

With a minimum length of 3 moths and a maximum of 12 months, it consists in the fulfillment of a period of study at an upper educational institution in another European country. After this period has finished, the provenance student’s institution will recognized the training carried out abroad.

Students mobility for training

During the internship the student accomplishes a stay that may last from 3 to 12 months in an company or organization in another participating country. The aim is to contribute to the development of the students’ capacity to adapt to the requirements of the European Community labour market, as well as make them able to acquire specific skills and to improve their understanding of the economic and social environment of another European country, while they acquire professional training.

Teaching staff mobility

The main activity is the teaching task carried out by a teacher at an upper educational center or by a member of a company or workshop in another European country. The minimum length of time for this activity is not established, but it is compulsory to teach, at least, five lessons. The maximum length is six weeks, although the National Agency will finance just a week.

Teaching staff mobility for training.

This action, which is part of the wider objective of staff training, includes two types of mobility: staff mobility from an upper educational institution to a company. Mobility of teachers and non-teaching staff of an institution of higher education to another upper educational center or social institution. The shortest possible period for both of them is from 1 to 6 weeks. The National Agency will support a maximum of one week.

  • The art school of Granada is a public artistic learning center which depends on “Junta de Andalucía”. It counts with a long history of more than 150 years and with more than 400 students.

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    Coordinadora Erasmus
    Laura Cano Martín

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